Why Donate?

Battle Creek Heritage Park is a place of historical significance and natural splendor, but it needs your help to reach its full potential. By donating to the restoration efforts, you become a vital part of the effort to:

Preserve Our History

The Battle Creek Heritage Park is home to significant historical landmarks, such as the 1869 Czech-Slavic cabin built by Joseph Skala and the authentically furnished office of Dr. Edward Tanner (Battle Creek's first physician). Your contribution will help us maintain and restore these pieces of history, ensuring they are accessible for future generations.

Enhance Our Green Spaces

The park encompasses beautiful natural landscapes, including walking trails, native plant gardens, and a tranquil creek. Your donation will help us preserve and improve these areas, making them more enjoyable and accessible for visitors and wildlife alike.

Educate and Inspire

Your support enables us to develop educational programs and events that connect visitors with the history and natural beauty of Battle Creek Heritage Park. These initiatives foster a sense of community and inspire a love for the past and the environment.


Ways to Give

One-Time Donation

A one-time donation is a simple and immediate way to support the restoration and maintenance of Battle Creek Heritage Park. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference. To make a one-time donation, please click here.

Monthly Donor Program

Join our monthly donor program and make a lasting impact on the park's future. By committing to regular contributions, you provide a steady source of funding that ensures the ongoing preservation of this beloved space. To become a monthly donor, please click here.

Corporate Sponsorship

If you represent a business or corporation, consider partnering with us through a corporate sponsorship. Your organization can be a proud supporter of Battle Creek Heritage Park, contributing to its restoration while gaining exposure and goodwill within the community. To explore corporate sponsorship opportunities, please click here.

Legacy Giving

Consider leaving a lasting legacy by including Battle Creek Heritage Park in your estate planning. Your legacy gift will ensure the park's enduring presence, preserving its history and beauty for future generations to enjoy. To learn more about legacy giving, please click here.


Get Involved Today!

Your support plays a crucial role in the restoration and preservation of Battle Creek Heritage Park. Join us in celebrating our rich history and the natural wonders of the park. Together, we can ensure that this treasured space remains a source of inspiration, education, and enjoyment for years to come.

To make a donation, use the links above or contact us.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to having you as a part of the Battle Creek Heritage Park community!